Federal Government takeover of your health care and nationalization of 18% of the U.S. economy

  • Government Bureaucrats will solely determine coverage levels
  • 217 million Americans, or 67% of the population, will lose their private health insurance
  • Elimination of Medicaid and Medicare as we know it (No word on the future status of the VA)

Cost: $4.1 trillion federal program in 2020 or $52 trillion over 10 years

  • Total Federal Government spending was $4.1 trillion in 2018
  • 4.2x larger than Social Security, 6.6x larger than Defense spending
  • Covers illegal immigrants
  • Oregon randomized 10,000 previously uninsured people into single-payer health insurance starting in 2008, the recipients’ annual health-care spending jumped 36% without any statistically significant improvements in health outcomes
Medical cost concept with stethoscope and medical bill

Federal Government will solely determine coverage levels and reimbursement rates

  • Which procedures and prescription drugs will be covered by medical insurance
  • Who can receive care, when, and where
  • How much money will my doctor or hospital be paid
  • What are the deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance for each medical service

What Medicare for All means for you?

  • Delay or denial of care
  • Decrease supply of medical services and increased aging of medical equipment and hospitals
  • Deter innovation in medical services and prescription drugs
  • Lower quality of care and customer service
  • Further consolidation of health care industry (see defense industry)
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