The Right Idea Podcast – Episode 44 – Mark Geist

Welcome to Season 4 of The Right Idea Podcast: “Fight for America.” Our country’s future is on the line and it’s time to do something about it. In this season, we’ll focus on building a better future for us all by fighting for America. 

In this 8th and final episode of Season 4, we feature an interview with Mark Geist.  Mark is the bestselling co-author of 13 Hours: The Inside Account of what really happened in Benghazi. He is also a Marine Corps veteran, a former police officer and a security consultant. Our No Better Friend Corp. team was honored to host Mark in Neenah for our ‘Fight for America Rally’ on Veterans Day in 2021 where about 500 people came out to hear his story.

Mark talks about his background and what led him into public service, he talks about the Shadow Warrior Project – which he founded with his wife, Krystal, to create a better everyday life for as many American security contractors and their families as possible, and he talks about his firsthand account of what happened in the attack on Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Mark is credited with saving 25 people in the attack on Benghazi.  Today’s discussion is an important one in order to know what truly happened that day.  We hope you enjoy today’s episode and learn from it.

Host: Kevin Nicholson, President & CEO of No Better Friend Corp.
Speakers: Mark Geist, Author, Marine, and Security Consultant
Producers: Darryl Carlson, Executive Director & Courtney Mullen, Communications Director

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