Standing Up to the Plague of CRT

PEWAUKEE, Wis. — Parents and residents across Wisconsin and around the country are fed up, and standing up to schools, governments, and corporations that are making the mistake of incorporating elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their curriculum and trainings.

On a summer evening in Pewaukee – when there were certainly many other things they could have been doing – roughly SIX HUNDRED people joined our first No Better Friend Corp. Forum on the Plague of Critical Race Theory. The event featured three distinguished speakers – Dr. James LindsayMike Gonzalez, and Adam Coleman – who helped to arm our audience with the tools needed to identify Critical Race Theory, to stop it, and to build a better future for us all through focusing on the truth. That means explaining our nation’s history with full context, and building on the decency of the human spirit.

Click here to read the latest piece in Wisconsin Spotlight by No Better Friend Corp. Volunteer President and CEO Kevin Nicholson.

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