No Better Friend Corp. Honors our Veterans at ‘Stars, Stripes, and Paws!’

HARTLAND, Wis. – The No Better Friend Corp. team had a great evening celebrating our brave veterans with Sierra Delta – a nonprofit group that pairs service dogs with veterans on July 16, 2021.

It was a fun-filled evening for the whole family and it was great to see so many out to celebrate our veterans– there was live music from Time and a Half Band out of La Crosse, games, and great food that was prepared by the Sons of the American Legion (thank you!).

Kevin Nicholson, the Volunteer President and CEO of No Better Friend Corp. spoke at the event and spoke to attendees about the national defense pillar of No Better Friend Corp.

“A strong and strategic national defense can actually stop wars before they start,” said Nicholson.  “Part of that means that a strong a strategic national defense means taking care of everybody who signs up to serve.  And so, at No Better Friend Corp. – not only are we thrilled to be here tonight with Sierra Delta which is doing so much to move people forward after they’ve served and after they’ve dealt with the after effects of combat, we also want to make sure that their service is meaningful.” 

BJ Ganem, the founder of Sierra Delta said at the event that he founded Sierra Delta four years ago with a simple mission, “We’re building the community that empowers vets through the love of dogs,” Ganem said.  He stated that his own dog made all the difference in the world in his own life. 

“What Sierra Delta is working on doing is helping all vets. I don’t care if you served in combat, if you ever left the country – all you have to have done is raised your hand, said the oath, wore the uniform, and have the capacity to care for a dog and then we welcome you into our tribe,” said Ganem.

If you are interested in making a donation to Sierra Delta, you can visit their site here. And don’t miss our episode of The Right Idea Podcast with BJ Ganem! You can listen here.

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