The Right Idea Podcast – Episode 32 – LaClare Family Creamery

Welcome to Season 3 of The Right Idea Podcast. I’m Kevin Nicholson, volunteer president and CEO of No Better Friend Corp. In this season, we’re highlighting the creativity and work ethic behind the businesses that make Wisconsin’s economy go round.

June is National Dairy month and today’s episode features a conversation with the LaClare Family Creamery – a goat farm and creamery operated by Larry and Clara Hedrich.  What started as a hobby and a valuable life lesson for their children has grown into a successful Wisconsin business.

Our conversation ranged from business challenges and regulatory issues to favorite goat products (we even learned about goat yoga during our conversation with the owners!). We hope you’ll take some time to listen.

Host: Kevin Nicholson, President & CEO of No Better Friend Corp.
Guests: Larry and Clara Hedrich
Producer: Emelia Rohl, Communications Director

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