The Right Idea Podcast – Episode 29 – Summerset Marine

Welcome to Season 3 of The Right Idea Podcast. In this season, we’re highlighting the creativity and work ethic of Wisconsin’s businesses and organizations. Today, we’re interviewing Larry and Katyrose Chapman, owners of Summerset Marine, the largest pier manufacturer in Wisconsin. If you’ve enjoyed a summer fishing or boating on a Wisconsin lake, odds are that you’ve utilized one of their piers.

In today’s episode with Larry and Katyrose, we’ll dive into the evolution of their pier business, how they’ve grown, and how they’ve created a successful strategy in an uncertain business climate.

Host: Kevin Nicholson, Volunteer President & CEO of No Better Friend Corp. 

Guest: Larry & Katyrose Chapman, Summerset Marine

Producer: Emelia Rohl, Communications Director 

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