The Right Idea Podcast – Episode 27 – Explorium Brewpub

Welcome to Season 3 of The Right Idea Podcast. I’m Kevin Nicholson, volunteer president and CEO of No Better Friend Corp. In this season, we’re highlighting the creativity and work ethic behind the businesses that make Wisconsin’s economy go round. Today, we’re interviewing Mike Doble, owner of Explorium Brewpub with two locations in Greendale and Third Ward.

We’ll dive into the history behind Explorium Brewpub’s location, growing a business during a global pandemic, and how a hobby and love for brewing turned into a successful business.

This is The Right Idea Podcast.

Host: Kevin Nicholson, President & CEO of No Better Friend Corp.

Guest: Mike Doble, Owner of Explorium Brewpub

Producer: Emelia Rohl, Communications Director of No Better Friend Corp.

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