No Better Friend Corp. Launches the Right Idea Podcast with Host Kevin Nicholson

Eleven-episode series telling the underreported stories of the school choice movement


June 11, 2020

Contact: Emelia Rohl

(Waukesha, WI) – Kevin Nicholson, Volunteer President and CEO of No Better Friend Corp., today announced that the organization has launched the first season of The Right Idea Podcast, with eleven episodes that humanize school choice in Wisconsin and explore the stories and statistics often ignored by critics.

“In a time when we see so much upheaval and division in our world, school choice empowers kids and families throughout Wisconsin while giving them options when it comes to the best education for their children,” Nicholson said. “We’re excited to bring you a podcast with voices of students, parents, educators, policymakers, and politicos that help to tell the school choice story in our state.”

The first season of The Right Idea Podcast focuses on the life-changing impact of school choice with testimonials that highlight the power of educational options and dismantle popular misconceptions about the program. Schools highlighted include Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (Milwaukee), GRACE Catholic Schools (Green Bay), Lighthouse Christian School (Madison), Lutheran Special School and Educational Services (Hales Corners), Milwaukee Lutheran High School (Milwaukee), Siena Catholic Schools (Racine), and St. Marcus Lutheran School (Milwaukee).

The podcast also features debate and commentary from state policymakers and national school choice advocates from American Federation for Children, The Cato Institute, Ed Choice, The Heritage Foundation, National School Choice Week, The Reason Foundation, School Choice Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

Statement from President of No Better Friend Corp. Kevin Nicholson:

“Children don’t have time to wait for politicians to fix broken schools. That’s why we need school choice: to give parents an opportunity to choose which education option is best for their child, so that they can succeed in the future. Each year, school choice in Wisconsin creates opportunity in the lives of tens of thousands of students. Many of the students who benefit from school choice programs are from disadvantaged backgrounds, but school choice is giving them an opportunity to change their circumstances. The children and schools participating in the program consistently get better academic results and experience overall life-changing outcomes for their students – but that’s a story we rarely hear.”

“Many Democratic lawmakers – including our own Democrat ‘Education’ governor, Tony Evers – are focused on abolishing or limiting these programs. No Better Friend Corp. created The Right Idea Podcast to help tell the story of how common-sense solutions have made a positive impact in the lives of real people. And school choice is the perfect example of one such program. This season highlights the positive impact the program is having in our state, while also shedding light on the challenges that actors like Governor Evers, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and many Democrat lawmakers pose to the survival of the program.”

“We hope you will listen to Season One of No Better Friend Corp.’s The Right Idea Podcast – and stay tuned for future seasons.”

No Better Friend Corp., a 501(c)(4), works to implement and advocate for solutions to the problems we all face together, while also proactively reaching out and bringing new voices into the conservative movement.  The group focuses on promoting conservative ideas and approaches in the areas of economic growth, education, health care, promoting a culture of life, and national defense. Nicholson, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, named the group after the Marine Corps’ unofficial slogan: “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.” Two other employees of NBF Corp. are also Marine veterans.

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