The Right Idea Podcast – Episode 9 – GRACE Catholic Schools – Green Bay

The Right Idea Podcast

Season 1, Episode 9

“A Conversation with GRACE Catholic Schools in Green Bay”

The educators at GRACE Catholic Schools in Green Bay see the option of school choice as a justice issue, since families who have financial hardship also deserve to provide their children with a high-quality education that suits their children’s needs. Families looking for a strong community can find it at GRACE, a network of nine schools in the Green Bay area that provides a home for every child’s educational needs.

Podcast Host: Kevin Nicholson, Founder and President of No Better Friend Corp.

Produced, Written & Edited by Emelia Rohl, Communications Director of No Better Friend Corp.

Voices in this episode (in alphabetical order):

Kimberly Desotell, GRACE Schools, Green Bay

Andrew Mulloy, Principal, St. John the Baptist School, Green Bay

Kevin Nicholson, President & CEO, No Better Friend Corp.

Emelia Rohl, Podcast Producer / Communications Director, No Better Friend Corp.

Edgar Zaragoza, Outreach Administrator, GRACE Schools, Green Bay


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