Help Families in Need, Donate to the No Better Friend Diaper Drive

We invite you all to join our initiative to gather and distribute Size 4, 5 and 6 diapers to moms and families in need. As we take on this mission, we are partnering with the Women’s Care Center, and Bella Medical Clinic – organizations that encourage women to choose life for their children and that provide resources to women in need.

The Women’s Care Center has saved the lives of 11,000 children and is working to help Wisconsin women to choose life, to have healthier pregnancies, and to develop as parents. The Women’s Care Center provides family counseling, free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, and incentive-based parenting education programs that help mothers earn diapers, clothes, cribs, and more. All the diapers we donate to Women’s Care Center will go directly to mothers who participate in the “learn and earn” program. This is a great way to ensure that families in need get the support and resources they need from a trusted network of experts. 

Bella Medical Clinic offers education programs for pregnant women and new mothers. These education programs allow mothers to earn “parenting dollars” that they can spend in the Bella Boutique where they can buy all the essentials for their new baby.

At No Better Friend, we want to encourage all parents to choose life and to ensure that they’re surrounded by a secure, loving community as they face the excitement and challenges of parenthood.

Thank you for joining us in helping these families, and in encouraging them to choose life for their children.

Please drop off or send your diapers to the No Better Friend office. We are accepting donations Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

If you cannot drop off diapers at our office or bring them to our Open House on Friday, August 23, you can donate directly to The Women’s Care Center and/or Bella Medical Center at the link below.

Donate to Women’s Care Center: ( Please select “Wisconsin” and choose the location you would like to donate to).

Donate to Bella Medical Center:

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