No Better Friend Corp. Promotes Conservative Public Policy Solutions


No Better Friend Corp. will work to advance conservative, market-based policies at the state and national level – by advocating for low, broad, and consistently applied tax rates, simple and clear regulatory environments, and sensible conservation, and by explaining their positive impact.


Kids don’t have time for to wait for policy makers to fix failing schools, and the team at No Better Friend Corp. understands this. We will partner with the school choice movement to demonstrate the power and importance of a good education in the lives of Wisconsin citizens – and to further the opportunities available for both traditional and career-focused education.  


Health care is one of the primary drivers of government, business, and personal expenditures, and politicians have failed to address the health care challenges faced by all Americans. No Better Friend Corp. will promote market-based solutions at both the state and national level to lower costs and increase access to health care for everyone.


No Better Friend Corp. is committed to promoting a culture of life, and to protecting the most innocent amongst us. We will work with pro-life advocates to spread this message throughout Wisconsin, and to promote alternatives to abortion. 


A vigorous national defense is the best defense against armed conflict.   We employ veterans who know this to be true, and who know those who have borne the cost of war.  No Better Friend Corp. will advocate forcefully for a strong defense that stops wars before they start. 

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