No Better Friend Corp. Launched

Kevin Nicholson to lead group aimed at conservative public policy solutions

Kevin Nicholson today announced the creation of a new non-profit organization, called “No Better Friend Corp.” The section 501(c)(4) advocacy organization will focus on promoting conservative public policy solutions to societal problems and challenges in the areas of economic growth, education, health care, promoting a culture of life, and national defense. Nicholson, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, named the group after the Marine Corps’ unofficial slogan: “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.”

“In my first foray into elected politics, I learned very quickly that many politicians haven’t spent much time outside of government – and that we need more real-world, practical solutions to the problems that we face together,” Nicholson said. “I’m personally a veteran and work in business today, and my fellow board members and I have to deal with reality as it is on a daily basis. We formed No Better Friend Corp. because we believe that conservative policy solutions help people; this new organization is going to help to prove that while growing the conservative movement in Wisconsin.” 

Nicholson noted, “We are grateful to have secured funding for a great team to operate throughout Wisconsin, furthering our mission in the coming years.” The group includes:

  • Darryl Carlson: a current Wisconsin Army National Guard officer and previously a Wisconsin legislative staffer – also a Marine Corps veteran.
  • Adam Chewning: previously a chief operating officer of a statewide political campaign and a technology investment banker.
  • Ronica Cleary: president of Cleary Strategies and commentator. 
  • Mario Herrera: previously the Republican Party of Wisconsin Hispanic Outreach Director – and a Marine Corps veteran.
  • Jessie Nicholson: long-time conservative political advisor and grassroots activist, who will volunteer her time for No Better Friend Corp. 
  • Kevin Nicholson will serve as the volunteer President/CEO of No Better Friend Corp. 

The organization’s website, which can be found at notes: “While No Better Friend Corp. implements and advocates for public policy solutions to the problems we all face together, we will also proactively work to reach out and bring new voices into the conservative movement.  The team at No Better Friend Corp. understands that we’re all in this together, and we are dedicated to building a better state and nation for everyone.”

Nicholson added: “In addition to our paid staff, my wife Jessie and I will be volunteer board members, traveling Wisconsin, working with our great team to share and implement practical and tangible solutions to the challenges that our state and nation face. We also look forward to partnering with conservative public policy groups around the state to build our movement.” 

The advisory board for No Better Friend Corp. initially includes Kathryn “Murph” Burke, Jim Klauser, Mary Stitt, and Liz and Dick Uihlein.  

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