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As a U.S. Marine, Kevin Nicholson (No Better Friend Corp. President) learned the leadership qualities of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. On the battlefield and at home, Marines the world over have adopted the calling card “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy” to encapsulate their spirit and their attitude towards solving problems.  It’s from this calling card that we draw our name, “No Better Friend Corp.”

The sum total of his experiences in the Marine Corps, in combat, and in business have made Kevin a strong advocate for common sense, conservative principles – and now, he and the team at No Better Friend Corp. are working to step up and provide sensible public policy solutions to the problems we face in Wisconsin and across our nation.  No Better Friend Corp. will operate in all corners of Wisconsin, and will work to advocate ideas and implement tangible solutions – particularly in the areas of Economic Growth, Education, Health Care, Promoting a Culture of Life, and National Defense.

While No Better Friend Corp. implements and advocates for public policy solutions to the problems we all face together, we will also proactively work to reach out and bring new voices into the conservative movement.  The team at No Better Friend Corp. understands that we’re all in this together, and we are dedicated to building a better state and nation for everyone.


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The Right Idea Podcast- Episode 15- Interview with Pastor Jerome Smith

September 23, 2020

Join Kevin Nicholson, volunteer President and CEO of No Better Friend Corp. on Season 2 of the Right Idea Podcast. […]

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“We need more real-world, practical solutions to the problems that we face together. I’m personally a veteran and work in business today, and my fellow board members and I have to deal with reality as it is on a daily basis. We formed No Better Friend Corp. because we believe that conservative policy solutions help people. No Better Friend Corp. is going to help to prove that while growing the conservative movement in Wisconsin.”

-Kevin Nicholson

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